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3 Reasons to Keep a Photo Journal of Your Children

Over the years, many parents kept a memory book for their children beginning at birth. However, as technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier to transition to a photo journal or what is now being referred to as a photo memory book. If you have yet to explore the benefits of photo journaling the developmental stages of your children, you’d be amazed at how much fun it can be. The following three reasons for keeping a photo journal of your children are just the beginning.

1. A Way to Preserve Precious Moments

Looking ahead into their future, a photo journal can be a fantastic way to introduce your child’s formative years to their fiancé. While older kids are sometimes embarrassed when parents show silly early pictures to their intended, most don’t mind and in fact, this is one of the reasons why so many parents order personalised calendars UK editions year after year. These allow for memories to be memorialised for loved ones and many parents order them for themselves to keep alongside a photo journal.  Showing photos to others in this way is also a lot less cumbersome than the photo albums of old.

2. Helping Them Explore Their Feelings

If you look closely, you can often see a range of emotions visible on a child’s face even though they don’t yet have the vocabulary to tell you what they are feeling. Some of these feelings lay dormant somewhere in the back of their mind that they will, at some later time, be able to express. For example, have you ever come across a photo of your child obviously trying hard to stifle a laugh? You may not remember why your child was on the verge of laughter but often they will! Aunt Mary had her dress tucked up in her underwear in the back and your toddler saw that as extremely hilarious. It’s a good bet if you ask them years later, they will remember the moment and now have the vocabulary to explain what they found so funny.

3. A Visual Family Tree

Another really wonderful reason for keeping a photo journal of your children is to help you preserve memories of their family tree. Over time, many older adults will pass away and unless a child has actual pictures of times spent with those family members, they may pass on just like their aging relative has done. This can be especially important if they lose a grandparent during the early years of their lives. A photo of them sitting on grandpa’s lap or frosting cupcakes with grandma can bring all those memories back. When you mention Uncle Jack who was father’s older brother or Great Aunt Bonnie who was your mother’s aunt, photos will give them perspective, if not memories.

There is nothing quite like sitting around the fireplace on a Christmas Eve revisiting years gone by with the children. Seeing their lives in pictures helps to preserve memories they would otherwise forget. If you haven’t started yet, photo journaling the lives of your children is one way to keep the memories and love alive for generations yet to come.