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Woodbridge Sponsored Pram-Push and Toddle

Woodbridge Sponsored Pram-Push and Toddle- 3rd May 2022

2nd to 8th May 2022 marks UK maternal mental health awareness week, with this year’s theme being ‘the power of connection’. Connections are something which Suffolk Libraries specialise in supporting and nurturing, through services such as ‘Me, Myself and Baby’ and their range of pre-school activities and groups open. Perhaps you have enjoyed the benefit of these activities during your pregnancy or with your child. This year they are on a mission to not only raise additional money to support their provision of vital wellbeing activities and services such as these, but also to shine a spotlight on the importance of connecting people to the support and friendships that they need.

Suffolk Libraries welcome all parents and parents-to-be to come along to join them in Elmhurst Park, Woodbridge on Tuesday 3rd May, meeting at 10am by the bandstand for a sponsored pram-push and toddle. You can undertake as many laps of the park as you feel comfortable with within 1 hour and you will then gather at The Boathouse Kitchen and Bar beside the Tide Mill from 11.15am onwards for a complimentary tea or coffee (thank you to Emma and her team at The Boathouse for their support with this and for offering you your first cuppa for free). There will be members of the ‘Me, Myself and Baby’ and Wellbeing Team on hand to chat too, along with some pre-school friendly activities courtesy of Baby Senses as well, so this should be a fun morning for all.

We encourage you to seek sponsorship for this event, because as well as coming together to support each other, Suffolk Libraries is very much in need of your support to raise money too. Equally, we are happy to accept a donation on the day!

You can download a sponsorship form from their website or you can set up an online form at www.goldengiving.com

Not so mobile at the moment?

If you are suffering with Pubic Symphysis Disorder and are unable to walk, feel free to join for a chat afterwards.