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Technology in Lockdown Labour- The Positive Birth Company offer free hypno-birthing masterclass for mums

With technology integral to many small businesses efforts to survive lockdown, the birthing and pregnancy sector in particular has displayed real innovation to showcase the many at-home options available to women expecting babies at this uncertain time.  
The Covid – 19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of countless antenatal classes, clinics and baby groups, which has had a major impact on many families across the country. These classes are something that many expectant parents, especially first-time mums and dads, rely on for essential support and information, so that they are prepared for birth and the early days of parenting.   
The Positive Birth Company has long embraced technology and digital platforms to help support and aid families around the world, with founder Siobhan Miller making it her mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible for everyone, removing common barriers such as disposable income, availability or location. Siobhan's efforts to make antenatal education digital – through her award-winning online courses and Freya app (the world's first surge timer and virtual birth partner) - have been largely responsible for bringing pregnancy and birth education into the 21 st century. In the past year alone, through sales of her online course, app and book, Siobhan has helped over 100,000 women prepare for a positive and empowering birth experience.
Hypnobirthing teaches women to work with their bodies to best facilitate a quicker, easier and more straightforward birth, reducing the risk of medical intervention, birth trauma, postnatal anxiety and depression. The course helps women to understand why it is important to remain calm and relaxed during labour from both a physiological and psychological perspective, and also equips them with practical tools and techniques they can use to best achieve this. 


Siobhan will be hosting a free Hypnobirthing Masterclass this Saturday, at 10am, live on The Positive Birth Company's YouTube channel. The hour-long masterclass will cover all of the hypnobirthing basics, including the science behind birth, relaxation tools and techniques, how to use the B.R.A.I.N framework to make informed decisions and navigate birth when challenges arise, the role of the birth partner and the stages of labour from start to finish including a quick overview of decisions that need to be made in advance and advice on creating a set of birth preferences. 
Since lockdown began, The Positive Birth Company has seen a 400% increase in demand for their services as pregnant women and new mums go online to find new ways to access vital support. The Positive Birth Company is committed to providing evidence-based education and support to women worldwide, as they navigate this incredibly important chapter of their lives during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and worry.