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Suffolk Woman's Wellness Centre offers Support through all Life Phases

Written by Nina Parnham at Suffolk Woman's Wellness Centre

I have been thinking about how I could find a way to support you, keep your spirits up and keep you motivated whilst you are spending so much time at home, and without the usual outlets to engage in wellness activities.

We are having to entertain, teach, support and nourish our families for longer periods without a break, and some are having to manage this and work from home. We certainly need to carve out some time for ourselves in order to feel wellbalanced.

I have therefore, created a private facebook group where I will be posting exercise videos of 15 minutes to 60 minutes, so you can fit in some exercise into your day when you can. I will be recording barre, core, toning, yoga, HIIT and pregnancy workouts for you, so hopefully we can cover everything I already offer. Sadly, my bath is too small to get an Aqua workout to you all!

I will be posting regular tips, recipes and sharing links to sites I follow and use that give great advice on health. Please research for yourself, I am not advocating everything they do on their sites, and some of the recipes and suggestions may not be right for you. So please ask if you have any questions.

All I ask is that ladies who want unlimited access to this group pay a one off £10, so I can keep posting good content and keep working. I will keep up the content and access to everyone who joins for as long as we are socially isolating and needing this channel of support.

The link to gain access is below. Once you have purchased your membership, I will authorise access to the group.

I hope you enjoy being part of a local Suffolk community of women.

For further information visit