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Baby Bundle UK: Second hand is no longer second best

Welcome Baby Bundle the mama - to - mama marketplace an online platform designed to buy & sell new & pre-loved baby clothes and more.

The current #secondhandseptember initiative inspiring people to only buy second hand during September to help reduce clothing waste, is the perfect time to launch Baby Bundle UK.

• Following a successful Instagram business start-up, Hannah Russo, founder and creator of Baby Bundle UK, launches
• Users easily create accounts to sell and buy bundles of nearly new baby clothes, maternity clothes, books, toys and more
• Baby Bundle UK’s ethos is simple; Reduce – Re-use – Recycle
• After spotting a gap in the market, Hannah sees a bright future for Baby Bundle which will continue to grow, creating a larger marketplace and mama community.

Hannah Russo, the creator of Baby Bundle UK had her daughter, Bowie, in 2019 and like a lot of mamas-to-be was shocked at how many gorgeous clothes and accessories she was gifted, which she never ended up wearing. Partly due to the seasonality of the clothes but mainly down to how damn quick these babes grow! Left with bags of immaculate baby clothes going to waste, it was time to do something about this.
When looking for somewhere to sell she found a lot of second-hand accounts but discovered a gap in the market; there were no bundle focused websites.

Why bundles?
• Time! Who has the time with a baby, kids, work, house, dog, life; to sell on individual baby items?
• Value of a bundle compared to selling individually.

With no bundle accounts available, the baby clothes stayed in the bags until furlough and lockdown happened.

They say 2020 is the year of change, the ‘new normal’
With Hannah’s husband also on furlough and looking to spend extra time with the babe, it gave her the perfect opportunity to start Baby Bundle UK on Instagram, and it turns out she’s not the only mama with bags of perfectly good baby clothes and more going to waste. “After launching I was so excited by the feedback- everyone that I spoke to kept saying what a fantastic idea it was and I still get these comments on a daily basis.”
Within a matter of weeks Baby Bundle UK had thousands of followers, mama sellers and had sold hundreds of bundles, not only baby clothes but toddler, maternity and nursery accessories too.

Following the success of the Instagram page, was launched In August 2020. This elegant, easy to navigate website has been designed specifically to create an easy buying and selling experience. Users simply sign up and register with Baby Bundle UK and follow the seamless step by step guides created to help sellers photograph and bundle up their goods. All payment transactions are secure and buyers receive their bundles of value, sometimes with a little extra. “Many of the mamas send little extras in the bundles or notes to the new owners of the bundles. It’s turning into a lovely mama community.”