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‘Luna Loves Library Day - The Musical’ Takes Centre Stage at The Story Museum, Oxford!

Experience the Magic on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February, with School Shows from 6th-8th February. A Heartwarming Musical Journey Through Books, Family, and Adventure.

Luna Loves Library Day is a brand-new musical written by Joseph Coelho and composer David Gibb, directed by Dermot Daly and co-produced by The Story Museum.

The story is inspired by Coelho’s work visiting and watching the transformative power libraries can have on adults and children. ‘Luna Loves Library Day - The Musical’ explores libraries as shared spaces to bring families together told through the magical melodies of an original musical score co-created by Joseph Coelho and David Gibb.

‘It is set on a Saturday when Luna goes to the library with her Dad to select books for the week ahead. The story sees Luna explore real and imaginary worlds through books and learn how a library works. Importantly, library day is a special time that Luna gets to spend with her Dad.

Written and played by professional songwriters and artists, the show offers young children and families a stunning, heart-warming and catchy musical experience.

As composer and Story Museum regular performer David Gibb explains ‘I wanted to take the magic and quality of West End theatre and reproduce it for young audiences and families who will never get to see those sorts of shows. So often, children's theatre will include music and songs, but those songs don't drive the narrative and define the characters in the same way that they do in musical theatre. In Luna, music and song are at the very centre of the characters and narrative.”

Joseph Coelho, writer and Waterstones Children's Laureate says: “The book suggests a whole world beyond itself, so it’s been quite a smooth process adapting this text for the stage with David, especially as Fiona Lumbers and I are on book seven of the Luna series. Working with David on the script and songs has been a complete joy, it is so wonderful to be on the same page as a collaborator as we jam and bounce ideas off one another, finding the heart of the story. I love the free access to books and all the other activities you find in libraries, and I enjoyed going to the library as a kid - so those moments of magic when elements escape from the books that Luna opens is something I can very much relate to. I want our audiences to be moved by the live theatre experience, to leave the theatre singing our songs and excited to visit their local library.’

Luna Loves Library Day is the first of seven books by Coelho gently exploring what it means for a child when their parents choose to separate. The show will tour professional theatres alongside libraries opening up opportunities for people who wouldn't usually go to the theatre.

David Gibb, the composer says: “Our work at Little Seeds Music is about shared experiences and what is truly special about this show, is the emotional heart which, when you get down to it, is the story of a relationship between a parent and a child. It's incredibly important to us that the parent and the children are enjoying something on an equal level. We have seen that when children can see that their parents are enjoying something, it makes them invest in what they're watching.”

“Working with Joseph was a joy. I often think that writing songs is a bit like unlocking a puzzle, and every time we got stuck, Joseph always knew the right word, the right line, or the right turn of phrase to unlock the puzzle. He has such a gentle and collaborative way of working which made it so easy to adapt this story. It felt like the songs, lyrics and melodies just tumbled out of us both. There was also a lot of laughter and fun in the writing room which I find is always really important.”

Like Luna in the book, young children and their families will leave the show full of memories about adventure, magic... and a love of libraries.

Luna Loves Library Day - The Musical will be at The Story Museum, Oxford on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February, with schools performances from 6th-8th February.

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