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Womb to World

Hypnobirthing and birth education.

The majority of people feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of giving birth.

They expect birth to be a negative, traumatic experience when in fact with a mindset shift, a lot of science, knowledge and a team of cheer leaders behind you it can be the complete opposite. Birth can be positive, it can be euphoric and the best day of your life! 

Womb to World aims to provide factual, evidence-based hypnobirthing and antenatal education taught by a registered nurse. Everything we teach is based around science providing you with the tools to be able to make informed decisions that put you and your baby first. We also like to teach the birth partner how to be the boss of all birth partners and give them the ability to support and advocate for the birther throughout. 

Afterall, knowledge is power and it isn't half as hippy as it sounds!

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