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Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd

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Our progressive play programme is designed to develop your child’s physical skills. Using bespoke colourful equipment, we focus on agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination, which enhances brain development and builds confidence.

Every session is supervised by our amazing specially trained staff, getting the best out of each child. Up until 3 years, grown-ups participate as well so that parents, carers and even grandparents can spend time with little ones as they develop.

The journey begins for babies from 6 months old who can sit up unaided. Here’s how our classes break down:

6 Months - Walking

Babies explore the equipment in a happy and relaxed environment. This enhances their brain development and helps them to reach key milestones such as crawling, cruising and walking, taking them onto the next class. 

Walking - 2 Years

Confidently walking toddlers are now introduced to an exciting circuit of equipment as well as hand held co-ordination activities, developing their fine motor skills. ‘Circle Time’ helps language development through rhymes and action songs.

2 - 3 Years

Working together in small groups, little ones are introduced to stations with more challenging equipment to refine their agility, balance and climbing skills. Following instructions and learning to take turns develops their listening and social skills, as well as confidence. 

3 Years - School Age*

Children now take part independently without their grown-up, putting into practice their skills for life. Our staff challenge each child individually to their full potential, preparing them for school, physically, socially and mentally.

Gymbobs (School Age - 7 Years)*

Gymbobs is the pinnacle class of Tumble Tots, bringing together everything children have learnt so far! Using challenging equipment setups, relay races, team games and warm-up exercises, Gymbobs is a perfect addition to a child’s school P.E. provision. 

*For the 3 Years - School Age and Gymbobs (School Age - 7 Years) classes, parents must remain on site. Please note that annual membership applies, class prices vary across the country and pre-booking is required.

Main Address: Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd, 49G Pipers Road, Park Farm, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 OHU


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