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Our journey started when we found out we were going to be parents for the first time, 4 years ago.  Now our daughter is the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer).

As parents we all want our children be better equipped with life and have better opportunities later on in life.

There are a number of studies, stating that, reading just 10 minutes a day can develop skills such as

  • Developing literacy skills and instilling a love for books.
  • Better multitaskers, problem solvers, creative thinkers
  • Better able to focus their attention and retain information
  • Ignite their imagination and curiosity and sense of identity
  • Creates a Magical Bonding experience
  • Amongst many others

There are a number of studies that outline the benefits of a personalised book over a non personalised book, they are proven to have the power to engage, enhancing a child’s reading experience by harnessing a sense of belonging, as well as building confidence and self esteem

“A Child who reads, will be an adult who thinks”

But we don’t do personalised books, we do SUPER Personalised Books

You can choose skin tone, eye colour and hair colour and even hair style, with the added option of a personalised message and memorable image

Our Super Personalised books have over 400 variations to create the avatar, your child as the hero

We began with our Every Day gift books, which includes new books for parents, childrens birthdays, for mum and dad.

Then that lead us to our seasonal gift books, as well as Christmas and Easter they also included, Baisakhi, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Eid and Hanukkah.

We started working on a range of books that children could read whenever they wanted, books based around their constant change of interests.

So far we have curated over 26 books to satisfy Sofia’s new found love for creative reading through our Power Pen series.

The Power Pen series, is all about the child, transported to a magical adventure, with their magical power pen and solving problems before being transported back to their bedroom, ready for a good nights sleep

One day we were watching Netflix and my daughter said, “Daddy turn off Netflix and let's read a book”

That is when BookFlicks was conceived, it is like Netflix For Books

The Power Pen series is part of the Book Flicks subscription, the UK’s first Super Personalised Book, where you choose the frequency and the books, all delivered to your door

For a child, imagine the excitement, every month, receiving a book where they are the hero of their own series.

Reminds me of a time, when I was a child and I used to get the comic annuals over Christmas 

Our books have been written for children 0-8 year olds in mind

-       Children 0-3 years old, introduce children to books, have them turning the pages

-       Children 3-6 years old begin to recognise words, ask lots of questions and have fun

-       Children 6-8 years old will begin to read independently


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