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Sing and Sign Tamworth & Lichfield

Welcome to Sing and Sign Baby Classes in Tamworth, Lichfield and Whittington. Find out what your baby wants to say! Baby classes filled with fun, music and learning! 

Our classes are suitable for babies from birth to 18 months. The two stages we offer are Babes (birth to 6m) and Stage 1 (6m to 18m). 


We have classes available in the following areas: 

- Tuesday mornings in Tamworth

- Wednesday afternoons in Whittington

- Thursday mornings in Lichfield


Benefits of Sing and Sign 

- Enhances early vocabulary and understanding

- Helps reduce frustration for baby (and you!)

- Encourages the early development of speech

- Enriches baby's relationships with you and other carers

- Builds confidence and self esteem

- Stimulates your baby's intellectual and emotional development

- Build a foundation for communication through music and sensory activities

- Meet other parents and carers in a relaxed and fun environment


We can’t wait to see you at one of our classes soon!

Nadia & Jessie Cat x


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