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Simply Sensory Boxes was set up in Nov 2020, the year of lockdown babies. As a first time Mum, I was limited in terms of baby groups.

My name is Jess and I am mummy to a gorgeous little pickle chops called Maya, (I’m sure she’ll hate that nickname when she’s older, but for now, it’s stuck)

I set up the business in November 2020, the year of lockdown babies. As a first-time mum, like many of us, I was limited in terms of baby groups/classes.

It was then I began looking into sensory play, and oh the fun Maya and I have had ever since. From foil blankets to edible finger paints, we have got some funny pictures and made some serious mess along the way. I wanted to create a box that was trendy, fun and educational to appeal to both mum and baby.

Dalmatian print boxes have become our signature, they look nice in the home but are also part of the sensory experience. We now have three different boxes appealing to babies from birth up until 3 years old, and there plans to expand the range even further down the line.


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