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Sheni and Teni

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Sheni and Teni Ltd is simply a celebration of African cultures. We're passionate about creating an avenue for children to learn all about African cultures while playing.

If you've ever wanted to introduce the concept of diversity and inclusion to your kids in a fun, entertaining and age-appropriate way, then Sheni and Teni is your plug.

Over at Sheni and Teni, you will find multipack puzzle sets that celebrate African cultures and educate kids by including short stories that describe the image depicted, using words from the relevant local languages to describe what they're doing, wearing, and love to eat. Thus making cultural education accessible to all, regardless of heritage and background.

With three different levels of difficulty included in one pack, the puzzle sets are perfect for siblings or for use in a learning environment with multiple children.

We also have a superhero picturebook that encourages positive values such as empathy and being a helper. Watch your kids transform into Superheroes as they learn to look out for the people around them and do what they can to help. The book comes with a certificate to proudly display on the wall to celebrate your kid's efforts.


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