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Reclaiming Birth - Hypnobirthing and Birth Trauma Support

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My name is Josie. I teach hypnobirthing classes in Surrey, where I live with my partner and our two rescue dogs, Buffy and Xena (named after two strong female TV show characters of course!) 

I also offer my hypnobirthing classes online via Zoom so that you can join from anywhere in the UK. 

I qualified as a midwife in 2014, and have worked in both hospital and community settings. Since then, I have worked within the NHS in the mental health sector, and as a volunteer for Samaritans. 

I first discovered hypnobirthing many years ago during my midwifery training. I was amazed at how effective the skills and techniques were, and how it transformed birth experiences - for the better!

So many people approach birth from a place of fear, and a lack of confidence, but I have witnessed first-hand again and again, just how powerful and transformative hypnobirthing is... taking people from a place of dreading birth - to actually being excited for it!

My philosophy of care centres on promoting the normality of birth and empowering you to believe in yourself and your body. I am particularly passionate about informed choice  during pregnancy and birth.  I want to help you to reclaim your body, and take your power back from a maternity system which sadly can make many parents-to-be feel disempowered.

My "Reclaiming Birth" hypnobirthing classes offer a positive, supportive, and empowering approach to preparing you for labour and birth.  I perceive birth as not only a physical event, but also as an emotional, psychological, and spiritual one and it is my mission to prepare you for the arrival of your baby – mind, body and soul.

I will help you realise how amazing and strong your body is, and help you believe in yourself! Not only will I be your hypnobirthing teacher, I will be your supporter, cheerleader, and listener - there to alleviate any worries or fears and to answer any questions you may have.

I also offer birth trauma support to those who have had traumatic birth experiences.

Josie xx


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