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Reading Fairy Isleworth @ Home Classes


Reading Fairy classes are unique classes that support every stage of a child’s pre-school & reading journey. We are firm believers in learning through play. .

We are firm believers in learning through play and use activities that include sensory & performance storytelling, first words, phonics, songs, games, and picture book time. We use props, puppets, bubbles, musical instruments and more, to engage and delight children as they share stories and develop early reading skills at their own pace.

Each session brings Reading Fairy and her character friends to life with original songs, dances & games. Each session ends with a snuggle up with Book Bear and a story to share with grown ups and children alike.

We have 4 Reading Fairy stages that are linked to your child’s age and development.

What stage is my child?

·       Book Babies (1+ years)
encourages early language and literacy

·       Toddler Tales (18 months +)
active early language and literacy

·       Story Stars (2+ years)
explores letters and sounds for early reading fun.

·       Reading Recruits (ages 3-5 years)
prepares your child for learning to read at school & nurtures a love of stories and books for life.  

Who is Reading Fairy & who are her friends?

Reading Fairy is the core character of the classes. She introduces the class, the other characters and shares a sensory story with the children

Music Mouse brings instruments and nursery rhymes to all the children with traditional songs to encourage language development.

Phonic Fox teaching children about letters and sounds preparing them for early phonic sounds.

Chat cat (Toddler Tales onwards) helps children grow their vocabulary alongside developing those crucial listening skills in order to communicate and interact with the world around them.

Book Bear ends each session with giving each child their own copy of a book, a blanket and their very own Book Bear to share a love of books and reading that is for life.

If all this sounds good….why not book a trial now and see what we are all about