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The world's only potty training programme is here, for parents, carers and nurseries - Together wee can do it!
Potty training is a big milestone in both parent & toddlers lives. It is not an easy process. Some may find it easier than others, it really does depend on if the toddler is ready, and of course if the parent is ready.
After conducting lots of research and workshops many Nursery Schools & preschool facilities agree that it's very difficult when they are asked to potty train a toddler and the same techniques are not followed through at home. Statistics now show there is a huge increase in both parents having to go out to work, meaning their child will attend some sort of day care, leaving less time for parents to potty train successfully.
The Potty Training Academy will change this. Uniting parents and Nursery Schools in using the same potty training programme & introducing the consistency needed all round. With over 15 years of research and written by Amanda Jenner, the UK's Potty Training Expert, this simple technique for home & Nursery or preschool facility will make it easy for the parent & toddler to follow and lead to successful potty training.


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