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Piano Penguins

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Piano Penguins is a live streamed interactive music class on Zoom for children up to 5 years old. Parent participation will make your child's experience more enjoyable and fun. You will hear live piano, violin and ukulele in each class, mixing at least three pieces of classical music and nursery rhymes alongside listening games. With lots of actions and fun, and plenty of bubbles, your child is in for a fantastic sensory music experience.

Every Sunday, we will post the names of the classical pieces played each week on our Facebook page so that you can listen to them again with your child.

There is also a Piano Penguins Spotify Playlist of carefully selected classical pieces to capture your child's imagination. On our Facebook page, we will highlight one piece each week with suggestions of activities you can engage your child with.

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Piano Penguin's aim is to develop your child's musical ear and encourage a love of classical music from a young age!

Join us for a fun filled morning every Saturday and Sunday (different songs on both days) from 10:30am to 11:00am!


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