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Hi! I'm a mum who designed and developed a brand of breastfeeding tops and cosy organic cotton pjs. What makes them really different is our trademark quick-snap poppers - exactly what you need when you have a hungry baby in your arms. Once the poppers are open, they leave a lightweight flap which lets you just crack on and feed discreetly in any setting. Keep you modesty (and your tummy!) covered when nursing out and about in public. 💖

Every item in the collection has long sleeves. They are all made from soft, stretchy cotton that's just as snuggly for babies as it is for mums, while both sets of pyjamas - plus one of the daytime tops - are additionally 100% organic cotton. 


·     “One of my most-worn tops as a new mother – Peekaboobie has completely changed the way I breastfeed in public. Their maternity top has given me a lot more confidence when out and about.”
– Emma Stokes


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