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020 3380 2573

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Parkinson’s Care and Support UK is the only UK charity which focuses on Holistic Health. Including Wellness, Care, Complementary and Alternative treatments. And therapies to improve life with Parkinson’s and to help you live better for longer.


although we fund non-pharmaceutical research into how we can slow down, reverse or even 6prevent the onset of Parkinson’s, we are mindful that thousands of people living with the condition need support today. This charity is all about positivity and being proactive about6 health and wellbeing. People with Parkinson’s do not need pity or sympathy. They need to be understood, given clear and unbiased information, services and care that will enable life to be lived to the fullest.


Business Address: Parkinson’s Care and Support, UK, PO Box 3251, Mitcham, CR4 9EN


Business Phone: 020 3380 2573


Hours of Operation: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



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