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Oxford Swimming Academy

Oxford Swimming Academy runs classes from the first lessons with your baby, right through to adult classes. There is a dedicated Baby and PreSchool programme.

They run a range of lessons and as well as a dedicated Baby and PreSchool programme, including sibling lessons (1 adult to 2 children under 4years), they also offer courses to guide little ones towards independent classes and Mainstream lessons from ages 2.5yrs upwards. Their enthusiastic and passionate team has over 40 years teaching experience, so contact them to find out which class would be best for you and your little ones!

Swimming lessons are designed to teach a love for the water, and build full water confidence alongside valuable safety skills and swimming techniques. Instructors work with each individual in small classes, and will support and guide you through your swimming journey together.

Classes run at venues across Oxfordshire, and although some pools are still closed, registration is open for their restart. A free trial class, sibling discount, and an initial 4 week payment option are available. (Payments can then be made in 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks at a time, at your preference!)

Contact us now on 07870 662483, email: abigailhouse@oxfordswimmingacademy.co.uk or visit our website: www.oxfordswimmingacademy.co.uk


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