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Brand new innovation lands in the UK promising a NapNap Like No Other!

The NapNap lullaby sleep mat is set to revolutionise little ones’ sleeping routines from day one. The completely unique sleep aid features a soft surface, soothing vibrations and calming white noise - all in one compact design.

Recommended by paediatricians and used in neonatal departments around the world, NapNap is built on proven science and meticulous engineering, offering safer and calmer sleep for all babies, even those with complex or disturbed sleeping routines.

NapNap truly is a baby sleep aid like no other thanks to its entirely unique vibration technology. The gentle vibrations run through the mat mimicking the safety of the womb, providing comfort when little ones need it most. The cleverly developed design offers 6 modes of vibration to ease troubled sleep routines, it also helps to settle little ones with colic and during tummy time.

If this wasn’t enough, the highest vibration mode offers ideal support during pregnancy for restless and tired legs!

NapNap is compact and lightweight, perfect for safe sleep at home or on the go. It can be placed in a crib, pushchair or simply anywhere little dreamers need to catch 40 winks. What’s more, it is so soft and flexible, little ones can even be wrapped within it for a cosy cuddle, ideal for snuggling into a carrier too!

The impressive two-hour charge lasts up to 15 days, meaning its vibration and white noise capabilities can be accessed at a press of a button when little ones are put down for a nap, offering familiarity and security, even away from home. NapNap has also been thoughtfully designed to automatically shut off after 20 minutes.

With NapNap, parents can rest assured it’s super hygienic too, the 100% organic cotton cover can be easily removed, and machine washed, whilst the water-resistant interiors make cleaning quick and efficient.

Managing Director of NapNap UK, Sarah Cooper, commented:  ‘We’re so thrilled to bring the revolutionary NapNap technology to the UK this summer. The product has already proven to be a saviour when it comes to unsettled sleep, making life so much easier for little ones and parents alike. A sleep aid that combines white noise and vibration is genius and their popularity overseas clearly shows how much of a game changer it really is. I can’t wait for families in the UK to really experience what NapNap can do!’

Sure to become their new favourite sleep aid, little ones can look forward to a snooze like no other. With gentle vibrations to soothe them to sleep and embedded white noise to create the calmest atmosphere, the NapNap sleep mat really does have it all!



Open Mat Dimensions: 60 x 36 x 2.1 cm
Folded Mat Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 10 cm
Weight: 555 grams
20-minutes automatic shut-off
6 modes of vibration
100% organic cotton cover – removable and washable
Water resistant interiors for easy cleaning
Rechargeable battery; a two-hour charge lasts up to 15 days
1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

RRP: £120.00





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