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Mr Broccoli - Veggie Adventures Book 1

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This book has been written for every parent who wants to encourage their child to eat vegetables. By explained the benefits of eating broccoli and green veg, this book educates children in a fun way, so that they actually WANT to eat it. Say goodbye to fussy eaters!

Mr Broccoli is the tale of a young boy Jacob who feeling sad and fed up. Through discovering the health benefits of eating his greens he becomes stronger and more confident.

Anti-bullying is an important theme in this story to help children learn to respect others and feel more confident in themselves.

Mr Broccoli is a SUPERHERO vegetable who already has that confidence and later becomes a role model to Jacob.

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"This book is truly amazing, my son always refused to eat brocolli and after reading this book, he actually asks for it, and actually enjoys eating healthy food in general, I can't believe one book could make such a difference to a child's life, really looking forward to reading the rest of the collection". Nicola


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