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Hi everyone, great to meet you all. I'm venturing into the world of selling, buying baby, child and some parent items. Pushchairs, clothes, toys etc. The idea came to me whilst pregnant and I was putting together a list of what we needed etc. I realised early on how easy it is to get sucked into buying, spending loads for some things you may only use a short time. Or buying everything new or the must have item.

I felt for our needs I would consider both Preloved, and new. I was soon amazed at how much I was able to get and save. In turn I've been able to rescue lots of things being thrown out. Instead have been rehomed and reloved. We live in such a see where we are either too wasteful or proud to try second hand. People are missing out as it's truly a treasure trove once you get searching. I would eventually like to incorporate my learnt along the way parenting tips, recipes, lifestyle blog etc.

I've been a full time mum to our 3 year old son. I've used that time buying things, adding to my stock list. Preparing things etc. He's going to nursery so I wanted to do something myself. For our family. More so now my husband may not have a job to go back to. He's a graphic designer so his skills and talent have been a great asset to the company. 

Very excited to invest in myself now. 2021 the year of new beginnings for my family.

I've just this week created my Facebook and Instagram page. Please follow my page. Make my small business dream possible. Website still under construction 😊

Look forward to networking with you all 💖


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