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Born from the idea that our babies’ shouldn’t have to wear cheap plastic and start their early lives negatively impacting their future world, Mama Bamboo developed a healthier, more natural, sustainable nappy and wet wipe; Bamaboo.

Made from organically grown and sustainably harvested bamboo, chlorine free pulp and compostable liners, Bamaboo nappies are softer-than-cotton, breathable, temperature regulating  and naturally antibacterial. These special properties can help to reduce nappy rash and leave babies feeling dry and comfortable. Our already award winning nappies are the only eco brand to be shortlisted for this year’s Mother&Baby Best Performance category due to their high absorption and 3D flexi-fit reducing leaks. Better for Baby. Better for You. They are also Better for Mama Earth; unlike standard disposables these nappies do not use 1/3 cup of crude oil in the production process, now do we use chlorine, latex, phthalates or PVC. They are packaged in 100% compostable plant based film and under industrial compost conditions will biodegrade 80% within 2 years.

Bamaboo wipes are also made from 100% bamboo non-woven fibre and will compost completely in just 6 months. 98% water and plant based ingredients they are hypoallergenic, vegan certified and cruelty-free. Wrapped in recycled PET, even the packaging is kinder to Mama Earth.


Mama Bamboo has also designed a series of Bamboo Tableware sets for weaning which feature 8 cute characters of WWF endangered species. These make the perfect gift as they come in a gift box as a set (plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon) accompanied by a story card introducing the endangered species featured on the design and giving young children fun facts as an engaging and light hearted introduction to the concept of conservation.  The company is passionate about teaching youngsters to understand their delicate environment and their role in its protection. 

Mama Bamboo continues to focus not only on greener innovative product development but also social impact; running the #thenappyrevolution campaign aimed at improving the waste management of absorbent hygiene products in UK; and by practising carbon offsetting through bamboo afforestation with the Ugandan Bamboo Village which not only aids the environment but also is helping to improve the lives of hundreds of workers and their families.



Main Address: Danewood, Details available on request


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