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LullaBaby Solihull

We offer a wide variety of activities, from music and rhyme to baby yoga and everything is linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage. (the curriculum for birth to five years).

These activities have been specifically designed and chosen to expose your baby to experiences that will build connections in the brain and promote their early development, including:

* Baby Massage
* Baby Yoga
* Sensory Play
* Calming & Relaxation Techniques
* Baby Sign Language
* Music

The LullaBaby programme of baby and toddler classes has been carefully designed to educate, stimulate and promote your baby’s development. 

Step 1 
Birth - 5 months 
The 5 week course is designed for our youngest babies and their caregivers. The course is relaxed, where you are free to tend to your baby’s needs, as well as ask questions, share ideas and discuss areas of interest. The focus of the course is to teach you a variety of skills which will promote bonding, attachment and your baby’s development. Including Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Paediatric First Aid, Sensory Play and so much more. 

Step 2 
2 - 13 months 
LullaBaby Step 2 is a weekly themed baby class and is linked to the EYFS. It is carefully designed to stimulate, delight and promote your baby’s development. Every week is different as you and your baby will go down in the jungle, explore the secret garden, zoom into outer space, enjoy all the fun of the circus and so much more, as you bond and make precious. 

We provide activities and ideas which offer a unique mixture of stimulation and relaxation, including: 
* Sensory Play
* Baby Yoga
* Music and Rhymes
* Baby Signing using Makaton signing system 
* Relaxation time

Step 3 
13 - 24 Months
LullaBaby Step 3 is a weekly themed class for older babies and toddlers who are ready to enjoy their new found independence and explore! At LullaBaby we understand that classes become a different experience when your little one is on the move and inquisitive. Each week the older babies and toddlers are invited to explore the age specific and themed play equipment. Our Step 3 classes are carefully designed to be largely child led, whist still being linked to the EYFS. 

Classes include: 
* Child Initiated Play 
* Sign Language
* Sensory Play
* Music and Rhymes
* Relaxation time

Launch is on pause for a little while but if you’ve recently welcomed a baby or getting ready to welcome a baby shortly, I know from my own experience that you'll be keen to get out to socialise with other parents as soon as Lockdown restrictions lift. When they do, LullaBaby Solihull has some amazing classes to offer. 



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