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Loving Hands Baby Massage & Yoga


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💖 5 Week Baby Massage Courses and 6 Week Baby Yoga courses 

👶Baby massage consists of 5 weekly sessions that covers a full body massage routine for you and your baby to enjoy in a very relaxed and friendly environment. For aged around 6 weeks up to active crawling

Baby massage has many benefits including reduced crying, less fussing, and better sleeping patterns. It also enhances the bonding process by spending quality one on one time connecting with your precious little one.

The massage routine will include strokes to help relieve symptoms of colic, wind, constipation, congestion and teething which can be a very stressful for both parent and baby. 

👶Baby yoga consists of a 6 weekly session aim at wriggly giggly tots from 4 to 14 months old. The sessions combine stretches, poses and lap play to help little ones develop physically and mentally.

Elements of the class are done to songs and rhymes making it engaging for your little one creating a lovely space for you to help your special little person grow whilst having fun.

Plus you will received the little extras membership free when you book onto any course entitling you to discounts with lots on wonderful online businesses. 



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Loving Hands Baby Yoga Online

Ages: 4 - 12 mths

Next Date: 26th Jan 2021

Venue: Online

Loving Hands Baby Massage Online

Ages: 1 - 12 mths

Next Date: 26th Jan 2021

Venue: Online