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Love Writing Co.

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The Love Writing Company is on a mission to help children Love Writing from the start by making it fun, engaging and easier to learn to write. 

Our age-appropriate Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils have been specifically developed for a child's hand. Available in 2 sizes (3-5 years and 6-9 years), they have been designed with a wider diameter so they are easier to hold, a softer core so the pencil moves smoothly across the page, a hexagonal shape to encourage the correct tripod grip, and a premium finish so they are simple to clean. The pencils are also the correct length for a child's hand, making them easy to balance and control and our colouring pencils are fully erasable. 

Our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Books are full of fun and engaging activities that will help your child learn letter and word formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation. 

Being the world’s first Integrated Writing System, our Handwriting Practice Books are created in line with the national curriculum and are full of engaging activities to establish a solid writing foundation.

We also offer a subscription service for ages 3-6 where parents will receive a pack of 20 handwriting practice worksheets with over 60 engaging activities with rewards and stickers delivered to their door every month.

All of our products are endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association and we only use FSC certified paper that has been sustainably sourced. 

Visit our website to view our product range:

Main Address: Biz Hub Dudley, Castle Mill, , Burnt Tree, Dudley, Dudley, DY4 7UF


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