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A service for parents which supports young children as they transition from nursery to school by focusing on children's emotional wellbeing for the foundation for academic success. We offer practical, compassionate and simple advice, for parents with children starting school. 

Kindling service not only gives parents the skills and understanding they need to support their children as they transition from nursery to school, but also provides a network and community for like minded parents. Kindling Education helps you understand how to put your child’s emotional well being first by focusing on key developmental areas such as communication, independence and physical health. Kindling Education equips parents to make their child’s transition into education a positive one that will set them up for life. Kindling’s impartial, expert advice empowers parents to help their little ones, championing emotional wellbeing as the foundation for academic success, so that they not only enjoy their school adventure, but they develop key skills in order to thrive. 

We specialise in the transition from nursery to school, working mainly with parents of three- to five-year olds, both online and in person, but also working with families of older children. 

Kindling works with parents – both one-on-one and in groups – to help them give their children the ultimate guidance and support. 

We are operating online only at the moment but we have lots of different parent webinars that cover a range of topics to support you and your family.

Visit our website to learn how to get your child school ready with Kindling Education.




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