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Gurgle & Co. offer a complete program of classes for newborns to school starters. Each class has been carefully considered to offer activities which best suit the current stage of your child's development.


Baby & Co. (suitable for newborns - crawlers)

These 45 minute classes are the perfect start for newborns to crawlers. Focusing around the body's five senses, Baby & Co offers simple, stimulating and considered activities to delight and stimulate your baby. 

Baby & Co. classes have a structured weekly format which offers security to babies and allows them to have the confidence to be curious and explore their surroundings. We begin with our welcome song, before we have some fun singing and bouncing (with yoga inspired movements), we then move to our sensory area to explore the week’s theme. We then come back together to introduce our signs of the week, before finishing with our relaxing sensory finale. Baby & Co. classes also offer the opportunity for parents to stay for a well deserved cup of tea and a chance for a chat at the end of the class. 


Toddle & Co.  (suitable for confident crawlers to 2 - 2.5 years)

As soon as little ones can confidently crawl, the world becomes their oyster and it's time to be curious, play and explore the world around them. Toddle & Co. classes are designed to develop communication skills, physical development, sensorial awareness and social skills through play. 

Classes are fast paced, but structured enough for little ones to gain familiarity with the class routines and build their confidence in exploring the activities on offer. Activities are short and varied to include: music and movement play, sensory exploration time, physical play equipment (such as balance bars, ride-on toys, tunnels) and parachute play. We also continue to develop our knowledge of sign language (to aid our growing communication skills), before finishing with a sensory finale. Session time: 45 minutes.


Phonics & Co. (suitable from 2 years - school starters)

Phonics & Co. aims to introduce children to letters and their corresponding sounds in a fun and play-based way. All of the Phonics & Co. activities have been carefully selected to focus on developing:

speech and language skills

hand-eye coordination

fine and gross motor skills

physical development 

All of which are the foundation stones for being able to read and write. 


Phonics & Co. sessions begin by exploring the week's theme and introducing the week’s sounds through simple rhymes, action songs and dancing. Little ones then have the opportunity to explore the week's theme, with fine and gross motor skill activities, physical development equipment, as well as themed crafts and messy play.  We finish with further games and songs (using lots of props) before finishing with a bubble finale.  Session time: 45 minutes.


Main Address: Kingham (Monday's) & Salford (Near Chipping Norton) (Fridays), 15 Stopford Place, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5SL


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