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Nurturing Creativity through Movement and Story

Through lively classes, we invite children to participate in movement and story telling to encourage creativity, curiosity and independent thought.

Through Story Telling we build solid foundations for literacy.

Through Role Play we discover, mimic, consider and understand consequences of behaviour.

Through Movement we build confidence and strength, physically and emotionally.

Through Group Dynamic we listen, question, communicate, challenge and accept others who are different to ourselves.

Through Art we encourage self-expression and develop our fine motor skills.

Classes, Workshops, School Clubs and Unique Parties

For children from 18 months to 8 years old

Creative Movements helps children form positive self images and build strong self-identities. 

In today’s fast-paced world, Creative Movements inspires children to access and hold on to their own inner resources.

Our material is lively, educational, imaginative and creative, encouraging both group interaction and individuality.

Through a theraputic stance we allow the children to express themselves as uniquely and meet their own indiviual goals.

No medals to be gained or awards to be won in our noncompetitive and stimulating classes.


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