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Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Buckinghamshire Family Support Service will be making the following changes. Family Workers can be contacted directly if you need urgent support.

In light of the latest government guidance, our Family Centres remain closed.

We have a proposed date of w/c 19th April to open Family Centres depending on government guidelines.

If you need urgent support and you have a Family Worker, please call them directly. Family Workers will be maintaining regular contact with new and existing clients to offer support and advice. They will agree with you how and where this will take place to make sure it is covid-safe.

If you don’t currently have a Family Worker and need some help or advice you can contact the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service on 01296 383 293, or you can make an online request for support.

Family centres will continue to offer support, advice and guidance but from Thursday 5 November this will be on an appointment-only basis and may be by telephone or online. We are not able to deliver face to face group sessions during the current restrictions. Some group activities may be offered on-line and you will be contacted if this is the case. Appointment-only health clinics will continue to run from the family centres.

Advice, support and guidance sessions must be pre-booked. Appointments can be arranged by emailing the family centre plus site or by calling the BFIS duty team. To book an appointment please email:

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child you should contact First Response on 01296 383 962 (or 0800 999 7677 out of hours).

Includes the following centres:

- Amersham Family Centre: 01494 764258amershamfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Berryfields Family Centre (Aylesbury): 01296 398242berryfieldsfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Buckingham Family Centre: 01296 398242buckinghamfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Castlefield Family Centre (Wycombe); 01494 450279castlefieldfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Elmhurst Family Centre (Aylesbury): 01296 398242; elmhurstfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Hampden Way Family Centre (Wycombe): 01494 450279hampdenwayfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Hithercroft Family Centre (Wycombe): 01494 450279hithercroftfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Mapledean Family Centre Plus (Wycombe): 01494 450279mapledeanfcp@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Marlow Family Centre: 01494 450279marlowfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Newtown Family Centre Plus (Chesham): 01494 776786; newtownfcp@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Risborough Family Centre: 01494 450279; risboroughfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Southcourt Family Centre Plus (Aylesbury): 01296 398242southcourtfcp@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- The Ivers Family Centre: 01753 650252theiversfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

- Wing Family Centre: 01296 398242wingfc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk


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