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((BOUNCE)) Wantage

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Bounce Wantage is located at Wantage Leisure Centre. Suitable for all ages, come and have some trampoling fun!

✨ We are ((BOUNCE)) Wantage! ✨

Fancy joining us? Here is what you need to know 👇🏻💓

• Where? 👉🏻 Wantage Leisure Centre

• When?  👉🏻 Tuesday 19:30, Wednesday, 18:30, Thursday 19:15 and Sunday 09:30

• Suitable for beginners and all ages

• 40 minute cardio/ 20 minute toning

• High intensity and low impact 

• 3 times more effective than floor based workouts

• Maximum weight for trampoline - 19 stone

• The most fun you can have whilst exercising!

• Supportive, friendly & welcoming 

• Bring yourself, water, a towel and a SMILE

• Plenty of free parking

• All classes must be pre-booked online at https://bookwhen.com/bouncewantage

Minimum age is 8 but we do offer x2 child friendly classes each week meaning parents can bring their kids into the studio whilst they work out!

Come and give it a go, we promise we'll have you SWEATING and SMILING in no time 😀


Our 1 hour class features the first 45 mins of choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines to burn calories fast and finishes with 15 minutes of toning. Sessions are programmed to achieve rapid weight loss by burning 700 calories per class - don't take our word for it, see our customers post about their Fitbit calories lost in selfies regularly!. 

((BOUNCE))™ Beats

Our percussion based workout that uses weighted drumsticks to add extra focus attacking the arms. The moves are simplified and routines are performed ontop of the trampoline, around the trampoline, lying sitting and hitting the trampoline like a drum! The style of music is carnivalé style making this class joyful, wild and free for 45 minutes of rhythm and dance fitness.


((BOUNCE))™ Blast

Our shorter 45 minute session is for those who dont want an hour workout but still want the intensity - so we incorporate the optional use of hand and ankle weights (provided at the studio or you're welcome to bring your own) with a focus on the upper body to tone the arms and create strong, lean arms, shoulders back and chest. 

((BOUNCE))™ Balance

Our unique bodyflow class on trampolines includes elements of yoga and pilates highlighting strength, tone and flexibility. This challenging session is full of balancing, hold and contracting moves to test core strength while still incorporating bouncing routines - ideal for anyone who likes a little zen in their workout.

Main Address: Wantage Leisure Centre, Portway, Wantage , Oxfordshire, OX12 9BY