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Bossing your birth - Hypnobirthing Milton Keynes and Northampton

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Hypnobirthing classes with a difference! Practical, honest, and full of facts...not fluff. Take back control of your birth.

It's totally normal to be excited, but also really anxious about giving birth.  You've probably heard all the horror stories, binge watched 'One Born Every Minute', and are stressing about how a baby is going to come out of 'down there' 😱  It can be very overwhelming!

I'm here to show you just how strong and capable you really are...and how, with and a bit of science, a bucket load of confidence, and a toolbox of coping techniques, you can have the positive birth you deserve!


My approach to Hypnobirthing is:

🙌🏼 Evidence-based (I like facts not fluff)

🙌🏼 Inclusive of all births

🙌🏼 Honest and non-biased


Monthly group classes, private 121 courses and refresher sessions.

Giving birth is the most important day of your life and you deserve to feel informed, supported, and respected throughout.  I'll have your back all the way through birth and beyond 💪🏼


Want to know more?  Visit the website and let's do this!

Zoe x

Main Address: Sunrise Yoga, Wakefield Country Courtyard, Potterspury, Northamptonshire, NN12 7FA


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