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Professional Dancer and Choreographer Kristina Rihanoff, most known to the public for her 8 years appearance as a professional dancer and choreographer on BBC1 TV show “Strictly Come Dancing” has used her wealth of experience which will ultimately provide her with the perfect platform to utilise her knowledge and create the "Bespoke Ballroom" kids drama and dance academy in her home town Northampton.

Kristina started teaching at the age of 16 and feels that working with children to this day is the most rewarding experience of all. Having studied numerous styles of dance back in Russia from Ballet to Ballroom she understand how important it is to give well-rounded education in performing arts. Her personal journey through drama school made the biggest impact on to her performing skills, this is why she is offering not just dance classes but also drama, musical theatre and singing to her students.

Kristina’s vision is to give all children a personal approach whether they want to compete around the country, take exams or just have some fun with their friends. Most importantly she would like to create a happy place where they can be themselves.


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