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Baybee Beginnings! A Pregnancy, Childbirth, Newborn and Infant Feeding Coaching Service, delivered in a fun, approachable and relaxed manner. By working with me parents will be nurtured and supported, transformed from nervous and unsure parents into confident, empowered, knowledgeable parents throughout the individual journey they are on.

Pregnancy is so precious and is such a privilege, and yet i witness fear and anxiety a lot, too much in fact. I have set out to change this and make a positive and exciting impact on all parents who are coached by me.

My name is Shelley, a highly experienced Midwife of 20 years. My passion for Midwifery has never lessened over the years, and my superpowers lie in my compassion and integrity. I really hear what clients are telling me. I validate their concerns and then choose the appropriate course of action to support them through struggles or their wins. The end result??? A happier mum, happier family and happier baby. I want to reduce the stress and create some fun, and I aim to inspire parents to achieve their full potential.

As a Midwife, I offer my very own baby, The 40 Week Squad!! This is a bespoke, tailor-made service for parents all over the globe, which supports, encourages, educates and guides women throughout their pregnancy from Week 1 to Week 40, including 12 weeks postbirth. That's an incredible 1 years worth of 1:1 support. How amazing would that be??

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I totally understand that breastfeeding can be a time of stress and anxiety, but only if you don't get the appropriate and correct advice and support. I can help with preparing to breastfeed prior to birth, latch & positioning, low milk supply, expressing, returning to work, and so much more.

As a Baby Reflux Practitioner I take a holistic approach to uncover what's going on with your baby so that we can rid him/her of pain and suffering, and get your family back on track. I can stop the confusion that surrounds Baby Reflux and provide parents with the knowledge they need to conquer it for good.

Finally, as a Baby Massage & Yoga instructor I offer expert training to promote love, connection & community, help you bond with your baby, develop their language and speech skills, and ease them of many newborn ailments such as constipation, colic, reflux, growing pains and teething.

I'm a flexible, accommodating professional available to you via zoom, at work, or in the comfort of your own home involving the whole family in a relaxed environment in order for you to achieve the journey you dream of.


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