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Hi, my name is Sarah and I run Baby_Cherish®. I live with my daughter and husband in Coventry, England.
When my daughter was born I enjoyed sharing baby massage with her and she loved it (in fact she still asks every night for a massage – she’s now 12 years old!) I love sharing the amazing benefits of baby massage with others, I have delivered infant massage and well-being courses and retreats to many Mums and Dads, both through group sessions and 1:1’s.

My mission is to nurture, help and educate new mums and dads to become confident parents, with a community around them, so that they can ‘grow’ secure, happy, confident children who will become happy, confident adults, who can put their minds to whatever they want to, create opportunities, and are able to find their place in the world with self-assurance.

Here are all the places you can find me below, I would love to connect and support you further.




Sarah x


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