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Baby College Brighton and Hove

Hi, my name is Julie and I live in Hove with my husband and our two sons.

I’ve just completed an Early Childhood Practice degree after working with families for almost 20 years.

Still hands on and still full of energy, I’m really excited about sharing Baby College classes with you. Baby College uncovers the science behind the fun like never before; the gentle exercises, singing and dancing are child-centred and easy to follow. 

I’m passionate about children’s welfare and fascinated by emerging neuroscience. I’m sure you will love Baby College as much as I do because it has been thoughtfully crafted for a modern world by directors Bea and Donna and yet its approach is timeless and reassuring. What better way for all of us to learn than by playing and having fun with our children!  

Baby College is fun, informative, exciting and inspiring. There is so much we can do and so much to learn whilst supporting one another and making friends.

I can’t wait see you by the sea in Brighton and Hove!

Please email me at for more details.


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