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Aqualight Swim School

Whether you are looking for Baby Swimming or Water Relaxation treatments, at Aqualight we have pride in what we do and the way we achieve results, with respect, love and knowledge.
There are no short term goals at Aqualight because we aim for a lifetime of love and enjoyment of the water. Baby's swimming are the by-product of how we work in the water.

Aqualight helps your baby to swim, be safe and have fun in the water. We teach you, as parents, how to read your baby's cues and understand what they are saying to you with their body language and facial expression.

Research has shown that babies who swim are far better developed socially, mentally and physically. It has also been shown that babies who exercise regularly have improved sleeping and eating patterns.

We invite you to come and see one of our classes. We are sure that you will be impressed with the sight of babies as young as 15 months of age swimming with no aids to support them.


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