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What is Book That In?

What is Book That In?

Book That In is actually Toddle About's sister company - it is a platform that we have developed that powers the new Toddle About website. 

In fact, it doesn't just power the site - it gives it Super Powers!

Book That In is a comprehensive online booking platform that not only allows Toddle About to provide parents with a smooth and effective search process, making it easy for them to find what they want, but - crucially - it also allows parents to book and pay for the classes and events they find directly from the Toddle About website (if the business chooses to activate this function).

Access to the Toddle About website requires a Book That In login, so you create a Book That In account when you join Toddle About online.

And once you have a Book That In login, you can do a whole lot more:

In line with Toddle About's mission to help families 'Love Life with Little ones', Book That In is all about helping people to make the most of their lives by making it easy for them to do more of the things they love with the people that matter to them.

As time goes on, we see Book That In and Toddle About making a great team to really help families to Love Life with Little Ones.

We hope that helps explain what’s going on! If it provokes more questions, please get in touch.