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Adding Online Classes and Events to Toddle About

Help parents find your streamed sessions!

Are you now running your sessions online?

If so, Toddle About can help you to promote them!

The Toddle About website now allows parents to search for the new 'virtual' classes and events that are springing up everywhere. It will allow parents from all over the country to find your online sessions!

Please follow these steps to get your sessions to turn up in parents' searches for online activities:

1) Login at

2) Create your Organisation if you're starting from scratch. Once done, you will see an ‘Online’ address in your venue list - click ‘edit’


3) Change the Address fields to say what you would like (or leave them)

4) Tick the ‘Display this address in search results’ box and click ’Save’.


5) Click the ‘Add New Class’ button at the bottom of the screen and add your online class details as prompted.

Cancelling Physical Classes

Finally, if you have physical classes still listed on our website that are not running right now, please edit those and tick the new box that says 'This class has been cancelled'.

This will show parents that the class has been cancelled and will allow you to un-cancel it when everything gets back to normal!



If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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