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E-shot Email Campaigns & Solus Emails

Send an E-shot to thousands of local parents and get instant results

Toddle About e-shot solus email marketing option

Toddle About has a constantly growing subscription database of thousands of parents who receive a copy of the Toddle About magazine in the post every quarter. Over 60% of them have opted in to receive information about special offers on baby & toddler products and services by email.

Our direct e-shot service allows you to promote your business to these parents and get instant responses. E-shots have a lot of benefits:

  • Speed
    Email is delivered instantly and results can be seen instantly. Two thirds of our pilot ecampaigns had responses in the first 2 hours after we clicked ‘send’.
  • Trackable
    Our software allows us to measure open rates and click through rates which can highlight which promotions work for you and which don’t. This is can save plenty of money in the long run.
  • Low Cost
    With lower overheads, e-shots are a cheap form of direct marketing. For a fixed rate of £79 + VAT, your email can be sent to over 8,000 subscribers (geographical targeting is possible - please ask for numbers).
  • Online Traffic
    E-shots are great for sending traffic to online businesses. More traditional print media require more effort on behalf of the consumer to go to your website. With email, their visit is just a click away.
  • Complements Traditional Advertising
    It is generally recommended that any marketing campaign should make use of a range of media to be most successful. Email marketing works on it’s own, but to maximise the impact of your marketing campaign you should use it alongside more traditional marketing techniques such as print advertising. (Read about our magazine advertising options).


Way Above Average Open Rates

According to the Direct Marketing Association (2009), the average open rate for email sent to prospect lists is 8.56%, whereas Toddle About e-shots show an average open rate of 17% over the last year.

See some example e-shots here: 

Our open rates are above average because of our relationship with our subscribers: we only send emails to parents who have asked to receive them and our readers trust Toddle About to only send them special offers that are relevant to them.

How Does it Work?

You provide us with any text and images you would like to have included in your email and we will put the html e-shot together. Your business will be the only one featured in the email (other than Toddle About). Once you have approved the e-shot, we will send it out to our subscribers at an agreed time. For the actual number of subscribers we have right now, please see the side bar of this page. 

Your e-shot must communicate an event or a special offer on a relevant product or service to be used as part of our e-shot service. 

We will send e-shots no more frequently than one per week to make sure our subscribers do not become overwhelmed with emails from us. We can provide you with stats showing open rates and click-through rates at any time after sending.

How Much Does it Cost?

Using the Toddle About e-shot service will cost you a tiny fraction of what it would to do it on your own and with none of the effort. For a fixed rate of just £79 + VAT, your promotional e-shot will be sent to thousands of parents with babies & toddlers.

How to Book

Please contact us now with your preferred sending date to book your e-shot slot.