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Terms of Subscription

Terms for subscribing to the Toddle About magazine and joining the VIP Club

Membership to the Toddle About VIP Club (the “Club”) is subject to your (the “Member”) acceptance of the following terms and conditions. The Toddle About VIP Club is a Trading Name of Toddle About Limited.

By registering to join the Club, the Member is agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Section 1: Eligibility and Registration

1.1: A customer can register to become Member of the Club via our online form at
1.1.2: Registration to the Club will be achieved upon successful completion of the online form and completion of their Direct Debit mandate.
1.1.3: It is the Member’s responsibility to provide true and accurate personal information when registering, and to keep Toddle About updated of any changes in their circumstances, especially with regards to their personal address. The Member can update their personal details via the VIP Home Page at

Section 2: Payment and Membership

2.1: By registering to the Club, the Member is agreeing to pay £1 at the time of registration and then every 3 months from the date of registration in return for membership of the Club.
2.2: Payment is made by Direct Debit via the Club’s direct debit provider, Gocardless. Toddle About does not have access to the Member’s bank account details, which are securely stored by Gocardless.
2.3: Membership is valid for 3 months from the date of the most recent payment, unless cancelled (see Section 5), and conveys upon the member all the benefits as described in Section 3.
2.4: Membership to the Club is non-transferable.
2.5: The Member will receive their VIP Member’s Card within 4 weeks of registering as a VIP Member. Whilst waiting for their card, they will have access to all VIP benefits by printing out their welcome email and quoting their membership number.
2.6: Membership cards can be replaced (for example if lost or damaged) for a one off fee of £4 per card by calling 01327 830171.

Section 3: Club Benefits

3.1: The Member will receive free subscription to one region of the Toddle About magazine for the duration of their membership.
3.1.2: The Member may add additional magazine regions to their membership for an additional fee of £1 per quarter.
3.1.3: The Club will post a copy of the Toddle About magazine to the Member as soon as it is released every quarter. Magazines are released every January, April, July and October. Release dates can be seen at
3.1.4: It is the Member’s responsibility to inform the Club of any change of address. The Club is not obliged to re-send a copy of the magazine if sent to an incorrect address, assuming the Member has supplied the address used.
3.2: The Member will have access to exclusive offers (“Member Offers”) as negotiated on their behalf by the Club. Current Member Offers can be seen at
3.2.2: Each Member Offer is subject to specific terms and conditions as supplied by the business making the offer (the “Offer Business”). Offers can be claimed by presenting a valid VIP Club Membership Card or by quoting a valid membership number – the Offer Business will specify any further requirements. Some Member Offers require specific unique codes. Current codes can be downloaded at The Member is required to keep their unique codes secret and not share them with non-members.
3.2.3: Member Offers cannot be transferred to another individual or company. Member Offers do not have any cash value.
3.2.4: Toddle About is not liable for the services or products supplied by Offer Businesses at any time and any complaints pertaining to a Member Offer should be addressed to the Offer Business themselves. Members should inform the Club if they are dissatisfied with an Offer Business so the Club can investigate.
3.3: The Member will be automatically entered into one or more free prize draw competitions each month. The Member gives the Club permission to pass their contact details on to a 3rd party business in so far as that is required for the Member to claim or receive their prize.
3.4: The Member can put their name down to be approached about writing reviews for the Toddle About Magazine and Website at
3.4.2: Review opportunities are ad hoc in nature, so no minimum or maximum number of review opportunities are guaranteed.
3.4.3: Members who have put their names down for reviews will be emailed as and when review opportunities come through. The Member will then need to reply to express their interest in an individual review opportunity.
3.4.4: The Club will endeavour to share the reviews fairly between members, though the Member should be aware that a speedy response to each opportunity will maximize the chance that they will be picked for the review.
3.4.5: Reviews are subject to editing by Toddle About’s Editors before being published.

Section 4: Communication

4.1: The Member agrees to receive communications from the Club via email, post or phone that are required for The Club to meet their requirements under this agreement membership.
4.2: Members can opt in and out of further promotional communications via the Club Home Page on the Toddle About website at

Section 5: Privacy and Security

5.1: Toddle About Limited is a registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the “ICO”) as a data controller. ICO Registration Number: ZA133508
5.1.2: The Club will not share your personal details with any 3rd Party, except in situations where it is deemed necessary to do so to fulfil the terms of this contract or if required by law to do so.
5.2: The Club will take all reasonable measures to ensure your details are held as securely as possible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Toddle About shall not be liable for any issues arising from events or actions resulting in the loss of this information, including without limitation, criminal breaches of Toddle About's security measures, viruses, electricity failure, acts of terrorism.
5.3: The Member should choose a strong password to maximize the security of their account.

Section 5: Cancellation

3.1: The Member can cancel their membership at any time via the form at
3.2: Cancellation requests take 5 days to be processed.
3.3: After the cancellation has been processed, the Member will no longer have access to the Club Benefits as described in Section 3.
3.4: Once a Member cancels his/her membership, the membership cannot be reinstated; the Member must sign up again to receive Club benefits.
3.4: The Club reserves the right to cancel or reject a Member’s membership at their discretion.

Section 6: Accuracy of Information

6.1: The Club endeavours to ensure that the information in our magazine, on our website website and in any communicatons is accurate and complete, however we do not accept any liability for issues, losses or personal injury arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information published or any misunderstanding of it.

Section 7: General

7.1: The Club shall use reasonable skill and care in discharging its obligations arising under these terms and conditions.
7.2: Toddle About Limited will use its reasonable endeavours to issue its publications to the public on the relevant publication dates specified, however Toddle About Limited will not be held liable for any issues arising as a result of late publication.
7.3: Toddle About Limited shall be liable for its failure or non-performance of its obligations to the Member under these terms and conditions to the extent that such non-performance is due to a matter beyond its reasonable control (including without limitation, acts of God, fire, flood, strikes, civil commotion, electricity failures).
7.4: Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit Toddle About Limited liability for death or personal injury arising from fraud, or arising from Toddle About Limited's negligence.
7.5: These terms and conditions constitute the full and final terms between Toddle About Limited and the Member and supersede any and all other agreements relating to such subject matter.
7.6: These terms and conditions are not intended to create rights of any third party to enforce these terms and conditions under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
7.7: The relationship between Toddle About Limited and the Member shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.
7.8: Toddle About Limited reserves the right to change these terms at any time and will contact the Member to inform them of any changes as soon as is practically possible.