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Review: Yummee High Chair from Mokee, worth £149

Review by VIP Club Member Deborah Garas

The Mokee Yummee high chair is sturdy, stylish and adaptable, growing with your child from the start of their weaning journey up until they are an active and opinionated toddler (the stage my just-turned-two daughter is at now!). Easy to construct and made of good quality wood, the Yummee is in a sleek L-shaped design, and looks a lot like the more well-known Tripp Trapp – but at half the price!

Our favourite part of the design is the adjustable seat and footrest – both can be set to a wide range of heights, meaning that the chair really does grow with baby. My daughter loved being able to rest her feet on a solid surface while eating, and I felt safe that she was securely supported. There is also a 5-point harness included, which we didn’t use due to our daughter’s age, but would securely hold a smaller child. It does, however, take some considerable effort to adjust the heights of the seat and footrest – the side of the chair needs to be loosened/unscrewed to move them.

A decent range of cushion inserts provides you with different design options, and the 100% cotton cushion feels soft and well-made. It is, however, secured to the chair only by some (fairly weak!) Velcro flaps, which my daughter had ripped off within approximately half a second of sitting in the chair. Fastening the cushion with poppers or a zip would be a lot more practical!

My daughter loves her food, and we have found the tray to be a decent size to hold a (big) plate, bowl and cup. It is one continuous piece of wood, so is easy to clean with no crevices for rogue peas and Cheerios to escape into!

Overall we are pleased with the high chair and would recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish and practical chair, but at a better price than some of Mokee’s well-known competitors.

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