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Review: Sleepy Sloths, worth £8.30

Review by VIP Club Member Anja Searle

 Sleepy Sloths

Product Information

There's plenty of chance to make lots of noise in this fun-filled first sound, action and performance game! Children will roar like lions, stamp their feet and blow raspberries as they race to be the first to get all their sleepy sloths out of bed.

Sleepy Sloths encourages sound recognition, turn taking and even being quiet! Once the game is complete the adorable sloth characters are a great way to encourage conversation from little learners.

Available to buy from Orchard Toys 


Our family loves playing games and we were excited to review the Sleepy Sloths Game. As most Orchard Toys games we’ve come across, the play equipment looks great and is well-made. The tiles feature simple, beautiful images of the sloths and actions.

My very energetic 2-year old loved popping the tiles out of the frames they came in and immediately engaged with the pictures. He helped with the set-up and copied what Mummy and Daddy were doing. The rules of the game are simple and each games takes about 5-10 minutes, so the gameplay is short and therefore good for very young players.

The main idea is to be the first to wake up your sleeping sloths by making the noise shown on a tile that you draw from the face-down tiles in the middle of everyone. The tiles contain all kinds of objects that a 2-year old knows, e.g. a police car, a dinosaur or a trumpet. There are also some ‘Shhh’ tiles, which all sloths sleep through. The game idea did not seem straightforward for my son. Instead of enjoying imitating loud noises, he loved trying to find and match any of the multiple ‘Shhh’ tiles, as you might in a Memory game. One of the noise tiles (blowing raspberries) looks very much like one of the ‘Shhh’ tiles, which was confusing for a 2-year old and could have been designed slightly differently. 

My son likes the game materials and asks for or gets out Sleepy Sloths. Still, the concept of waking up sloths is not as attention capturing as other game concepts. We have not managed to play it through completely, but enjoy talking about the sloths, finding individual objects and making noises. Overall, it’s a good game that I look forward to playing with him as he grows more familiar with the concept.