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Review: Piccolo Food Bundle, worth £47.40

Review by VIP Club Member Jessica Sneath

I was very excited when I received this bundle, but not as excited as my two year old little boy. We got the box open and we were amazed by all the different products we received.

My first positive was the number of products you receive in each box. Knowing I have 5 lots of products for all his childcare days was ideal but having more for the weekends was a bonus, especially having a snack monster in the house.

Our favourite products were the yoghurts and fruit packs. The fact they don't need a fridge is perfect for a pack lunch knowing they don't go off if they're not cold. My son loved the fruit pouches lots and I loved that they are made from 100% natural products and fruit.
The fruit bakes were also a massive hit, flavourful and perfect for a healthy snack option to fill a little tum.

As an avid baker, we absolutely loved the cake mixes, feeling naughty for eating cake but knowing they have no added sugar was definitely a positive and we loved baking these together as a family, the only thing we were slightly disappointed by was they didn't come with any toppings and that was an extra expense if you wanted something to add to the top of the cupcake.

Although my son wasn't a huge fan of the crisps as they were quite hard for him, they went down well with my gluten free husband who said they were full of flavour, he especially liked the pizza ones. As soon as we got the packets open you could smell the pizza and BBQ flavouring and they definitely tasted just as good.

We all gave the crispy sticks a try and although they smelt amazing and they are a great concept, we did find them a little on the dry side and didn't go down as well as the other snacks.

All in all, we were very impressed with everything we received minus the odd thing and will definitely be buying piccolo products for our snack monster and have already decided we would love to try the oat bars next!

4 out of 5* from our household!

Available to buy from My Little Piccolo