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Review: My Bedtime Story Torch and Projector, worth £20.99

Review by VIP Club Member Tracy Fagg

My bedtime story is a torch projector that allows your little one to watch and listen to 6 classic stories. You get 1 torch and 12 discs each story is 2 discs of images. I used the QR code inside the box to log onto the website which asked for a secret code which is printed inside the box. This allowed me to then play the stories whilst we used the torch projector to follow along with images.

The stories were read beautifully and at the beginning of each story it explains when to turn the disc to get the next image in the story. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who both loved that they could take control of the torch whilst the story played. After a week of listening along they decided they wanted to play with the projector and create their own stories that matched up with the images. It was a great tool for them to use their own imagination and create their own stories. They loved the torch and projecting it on the ceiling, walls and curtains.

The discs are quite fiddly so parental help is necessary for under 4s. Also they are quite small and easy to misplace so good idea to keep out of reach when not in use.  It requires 2 AAA batteries which aren’t included so make sure you have them ready before showing the children.

It definitely made bedtime fun and I would highly recommend, It would make a great gift as it’s not something I would have thought to buy myself.

Available to buy from Brainstorm