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Review: LeapFrog My Pal Scout Smarty Paws, worth £32.99

Review by VIP Club Member Helen Denham

We welcomed ‘Scout’ into our home, and George (age 3) loved him straight away, giving him the biggest cuddle and couldn’t wait to play with him. 

To begin, ‘Scout’ was bigger than I was expecting, but not enormous. I really liked the packaging; I didn’t have to fight through loads of plastic, it was mostly all recyclable material. It was handy to have an opening at the back of the box to connect the aux cable to a compatible device to create all the personalised settings without having to get ‘Scout’ out of his box first. Only problem would be if you didn’t have the correct connection, but this could be easily solved with an adaptor.

We found ‘Scout’ easy to play with, the instructions were clear and George enjoyed singing along. One of my bug bears is when I cannot turn a noisy toy off, thankfully ‘Scout’ has a volume control and on and off button – yay!!

My eldest, Jessica (age 6), enjoyed playing with ‘Scout’ also. There is a setting to change the age of who will play with it, but we didn’t change the age for Jessica instead she was happy to play along with George. 

We mainly used ‘Scout’ at night time and put the bedtime music on for George to settle down at night. When we first did this George would often press the buttons and change it from a sleep setting to a playtime setting, which wasn’t helpful when trying to settle down for bed. But after the novelty wore off George began to use the sleep setting properly.

Overall, I think this is a good product and something that a little one can grow up with as the parent changes the setting as the child gets older. 

We loved our snuggles with ‘Scout’!

Available to buy from Smyths