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Review: Boardies Dad and Child swimwear, worth £100

Review by VIP Club Member Janet Matthews.

I was really delighted to be selected to review the Boardie's Apparel Swimwear, although it did cause a few disagreements within the household :-)

Firstly we logged onto the website, which was really easy to navigate. The big decision then as to which child would be lucky enough to try out the new swimwear. Jessica our three year old won that battle as she was just about to start swimming lessons.

The next big decision was between father and daughter about which of the many fabulous designs of swimwear, with such a vast range to choose from, would be chosen. My son kept trying to bribe his sister into getting dinosaurs or sharks but she wasn’t having any of it and she ended up picking the Spiral Dye Ruffle Swimsuit and dad had matching Spiral Tie Dye III.

The delivery was very fast and I was very surprised how soft the material was. Both items were very well made, the trunks were 100 percent polyester and the girls swimsuit was made from recycled reprieve fabric which made them very quick drying. The mens trunks came with two very handy velcro side pockets, whilst Jessica's swimsuit had lovely frills around the arms and top of the legs which finished the outfit off beautifully, every girl loves frills. All the seams were smooth and did not rub or irritate the skin whilst in the water.

The sizing of the mens wear was quite simple with the standard choice of small, medium large etc, but for the children’s sizes this did need some thinking about, although the sizing diagram was very helpful.

The only thing I have against these products is that they are quite expensive, especially for little children as they grow so quickly and would only fit for one summer. I did think about buying our son a matching pair but at £39 that is way above what we would budget for children’s swimwear. I know you are getting good quality but with the cost of living rising weekly, this would be a luxury we unfortunately couldn't afford.

The only other thing that I would also like to see is a Mother and Child section and not just Father and Kid section, apart from that I would highly recommend these.

Available to buy from Boardies Apparel