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Review: Baby Carrier Harmony

By Georgia

I am lucky enough to have tried many slings on my now 11-month old; I had a lot of friends who were into baby carrying. This has included woven wraps, soft structured slings, one-shoulder slings (ring slings, pouches), etc.. And, by total chance, I had been lent an earlier version of this very Baby Bjorn carrier. This means I have a lot to compare my new sling with and feel I can comment somewhat authoritatively.

There is a lot to love about the BB sling. It's easy and instinctive to put on. The straps are easy to adjust single handily. It allows for three different carries: parent facing, world facing and back carry. There is a special mode for newborns. It is super durable and well made. It can be adjusted for most shapes and sizes (tried it on my short, very slim sister in law, as well as a 6'5" man - both loved it). It has that great wide seat that keeps babies hips in alignment. It’s also great (as I discovered just last night) for lying them down on a bed if they fall asleep on you: you simply lean over the bed, unclip the sling, letting the bed take the weight of the baby, then shrug the harness off and cover baba with a blanket!

There are also things about this newest BB carrier that are a massive improvement on the last model: the waist strap now has padding where it fastens, providing extra comfort for your lower back. There is also better design where the sling meets the baby’s head. Before, in a front carry, you flipped the headrest down so the baby could see out. However, this fold sometimes flipped up in the baby’s face as there was nothing holding it down. The fold was also a little high for smaller babies. This new version has fixed both of those problems by adding in an extra fold and having poppers so the fold stays put in both positions. The final thing that is much better is the position of the shoulder clips. In the old version, it was getting tricky to clip my 11-month old in with all her winter gear on. This one has somehow allowed more room yet the baby still feels just as snug to the body.

The downside? Mainly the price, which puts it out of many people’s reach. But if you’re planning on using a sling for multiple babies, this would be a great investment as it’s versatile and easy to teach childminders, babysitters, grandparents, etc. how to use. There are two significant downsides to using the BB when the baby is little, when compared to wraps: first is that there are only two types of carry until the baby is one, so you can’t play around with different options to suit your baby, and second is that there is always a layer of man made mesh between you and the baby, which makes skin to skin harder in those early days. 

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