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Book Review: This Tree is Just for Me

By VIP Club Member Jane Heydenrych

This Tree is Just for Me, by Lucy Rowland and Laura Hughes

This book is gorgeous. It’s a lovely story which celebrates the joy of imagination and what reading can do for you. The illustrations are beautiful with lots of details: I love how there is a hint on each page of what animal is coming next. There is a rhyme throughout the book which makes the story appealing to children. My 5 year old loved the book and my 20 month old loved looking at the pictures. I really liked how the words were written in different sizes and boldness as it showed the reader how things should be said. It also led to a lovely conversation with my 5 year old about how this technique really adds to the reading experience as a whole. I highly recommend this book as a lovely book to read with your children, but also as a teaching aid as there are some fantastic examples of powerful verbs.