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Book Review: Jumbo, by Alexandra Stewart, worth £12.99

Book review by VIP Club Member Elizabeth Scott.

Jumbo by Alexandra Stewart


We have been reading Jumbo; The Most Famous Elephant Who Ever Lived by Alexandra Stewart.

I have been reading this to my five year old boy and eight year old girl over the last 10 days. We tend to read in the evenings just before bed and read in small doses. The children have enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations and my eight year old has enjoyed learning some new vocabulary.

If I am honest, it is probably a little bit old for my five year old, but he has listened and been engaged although I am not completely sure he understands it. I particularly like the way it is written for the enquiring mind and like the historic information within.

We will continue to read this to the end as we’ve all enjoyed learning something new, my boy is fascinated by the link to the greatest showman.